Support Engineer

Company Name:
Open Systems Technologies
Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
Troubleshoot and resolve complex, time-critical issues across a range of in-house and vendor applications and infrastructure
Identify and understand recurring problems and points of pain. Help solve and prevent them
Introduce new applications into the production environment in a quality, sustainable way oriented to maximizing user value
Drive evolution of our technology to increase availability and improve functionality
Understand and develop scripts/tools (using UNIX shell scripts, Java, C#, Perl, SQL, Chef, etc.) for automation

Position requires:
Common sense, judgment and logical problem solving skills, yet enough humility to know when to ask for help
Composure, combined with diligence, caution, and high responsibility
Demonstrated ability to support a diverse portfolio of complex, business critical portfolio management algorithms and trading platforms
Ability to scan event data and correlate systems knowledge to perform root cause analysis based on logical reasoning
Clear, concise communication to both technical and non-technical individuals in order to socialize knowledge and lessons learned
Strong technology fundamentals - quickly get your arms around unfamiliar spaces

Don't Be Fooled

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