SSRS Report Developer

Part of our current responsibilities is maintaining SSRS reports related to Human Capital information which connect to a new a new data warehouse and other data sources that may reside in SQL Server or SharePoint lists. We need someone with consulting experience and abilities to do the full software development life-cycle including testing, debug, maintenance, bug fix and creation of reports. From a work break down perspective The person hired for this role will be doing functional coding in both SSRS and TSQL (Stored Procedures and Views on SQL Server 2008 R2) 70% - 80% of their time while here on this contract. Any candidate we review needs to have current SSRS functional development experience. We need a hire who is to be able to hit the ground running at maintaining and developing new SSRS reports.
One of the key tasks for this consultant is to help work on code clean up and preparing the all the report source code in project files for delivery and transfer to another team inside BW who is expected to take over responsibility for these reports later this year.
Current SSRS development experience with SQL Server (2005, 2008 R2 or 2012) BW uses 2008 R2
Prior SSRS development experience should be with large deployments with 100+ reports with 1000+ users.
TSQL experience creating stored procedures and views on SQL Server that are consumed by SSRS reports.
Understand the pros and cons of embedded SQL in report vs consuming stored procedures as a data source to a report.
Be able to aggregate different data sources at the report level.
Have experience writing reports using dynamic parameters. The choice of one parameter effect the list of choices of the next parameter when running the report.
Understand the SSRS security model and how to work with Active Directory Groups when deploying reports so only approved users can run the reports.
Understand how to create SSRS report subscriptions for pushing reports to users on a predetermined schedule.
Understand how to create data driven SSRS report subscriptions.
Must have experience with software version control tools.
Be able to open and reverse engineer a data base schema when there minimal documentation.
Experience building SSRS reports connecting to SharePoint is nice to have (e.g., Enesys)

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