DevOps - Infrastructure Engineer, maxs

Job Description:
We are seeking an experienced Development Operations Engineer responsible for managing the AWS infrastructure in a cloud-based Linux environment. This position will work directly under Director of Operations.
Ideal Candidate:
Must be Proficient with shell scripts, Automation -Configuration management, TCP, iptables, linux filesystem
o Assist in the deployment and maintenance of a new large-scale Amazon Web Services platform
o Assist in Optimizing the infrastructure for the SAAS application
o Troubleshoot software based issues as they arise
o Production code deployments
o Implement monitoring systems at all levels
o Infrastructure housekeeping, testing, and benchmarking
o OS maintenance and ongoing system configuration changes
o Performance tuning
o Infrastructure and Services documentation
o Load testing
Skills Required:
o 2+ years experience with Amazon Web Services and related services and features like
autoscaling, load balancing, route53, S3, IAM etc
o Detailed knowledge of Implementation and maintenance of high availability (HA) and highly
scalable systems
o Through understanding of Networking and DNS
o 3+ years experience with configuration management tools (Puppet preferred)
o 5+ years UNIX/Linux system administration, CentOS based system preferred
o 5+ years of scripting experience with bash and one or more of the following Python, Ruby,
o 5+ years of experience with version control systems (Git preferred)
o Strong experience with current web and Internet technologies like Apache, Queues, NGinx,
Memcache, APC, Varnish, CDN etc
o Experience with monitoring tools like Zabbix, Nagios and/or NewRelic
o Experience with Continuous Integration tools (CI) (Jenkins preferred)
o Knowledge of Nodejs and the MEAN stack and/or other NoSQL technologies is a plus
o Have a broad understanding of development, web operations and SDLC
o Knowledge of PCI compliance, Application layer and operations layer security and OWASP
mandates preferred
o Understanding of IPS and IDS preferred

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